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The Extraordinary Results Journey Began...

It was January 19th, 1989 Whistler British Columbia Canada and I’ll never forget staring into the expectant eyes of my first ever ski school class of clients. As they looked at me, I could see a mix of wonder, fear excitement and hope in their eyes, and the scary part for me was that hope was being 100% directed at me.

“Oh, shit”, I said to myself. I feel like a fraud! These people are hoping I will have all the answers for them to make this one of the best experiences of their life. Look at them, they have no idea this is my first time ever teaching a beginner ski class and I can see in their eyes, just how badly they want to succeed at this new sport for them.

It was at that moment, that everything changed for me, forever.

You see, before that moment I had never really taken anything seriously in life. However, faced with the reality of their (misplaced) hope in me - at that moment I made a decision to do whatever it takes, from that day on, to become the best possible coach I can be – so I could one day be worthy and to live up to their ‘misplaced’ hope in me – and so that is exactly what I did.

One of the reasons why I became so passionate to help these beginners have the best possible introduction to skiing is because at that moment I realised that I was responsible for introducing these brave souls to a sport that I absolutely loved with every fiber in my being. And I felt this huge weight of obligation to get really, really, really good at coaching really fast because I wanted them and all of my future clients to love the sport just as much as I did.

Fast Forward 30 Years...

Looking back, it was a wild ride that I am truly grateful for. I have lost count as to exactly how many wonderful clients that I have had the privilege of coaching, but it is well over 5,000 and I have learnt something from each and every one of them about the sciences of producing Extraordinary Results.

Extraordinary Results Coaching Lessons

You see, as I improved my ability to coach, I became a more and more sort after coach, so I started attracting more and more successful clients. Eventually I moved to one of the best places in the world to coach skiing, Vail Colorado, where I was fortunate to work with highly successful clients including athletes, CEO’s, billionaires and even a top Hollywood Producer.

Coaching in Vail gave me access to incredibly successful people on a daily and weekly basis. If I knew my client was achieving Extraordinary Results in a particular area sports, business or life I would simply ask them – what made you so successful at …………………? And more often than not, they would share their secrets to success with me.

The more I learned, the better coach I became and the clearer I became on how you can coach someone to achieve Extraordinary Results.

Extraordinary Results Business Lessons

Next, it was time to put all that I had learned into action by starting my own ski improvement ski adventure business. I created the business plan, raised capital and built an on-snow experience and team of coaches that I was very proud of. We were all set to go with great early booking and lots of promise from our travel agent network and then the September 11 attacks happened. If you remember back then, lots of people cancelled their travel plans unless it was super important for them to travel.

I remember after our first season, we were burning through the capital, and once again I found I was saying to myself Oh crap, this isn’t working. I feel like a fraud. Although we were delivering an outstanding on-snow experience, this time I had to face the eyes of my investors and work out a way to turn around their (misplaced) hope in me in running the business.

Fortunately, I was able to call on my highly successful ski clients for business help, guidance and support and the lessons just kept coming.

Extraordinary Results Racing Lessons

The final piece of the Extraordinary Results puzzle came when I decided to take up ski racing at a competitive masters level late in my skiing career. Up until then, I hadn’t really ever taken my ski racing seriously – although I had coached others to a high level of racing success.

I remember turning up to my first big race. Yes, once again I felt like a fraud! I had all the good ‘go fast’ ski race gear thanks to a sponsor who even gave me a bright yellow speed suit. I was in the start gate where they say racer ready? I said no because there was a part of me that wanted to race but there was another part of me that just wanted to head back into the ski lodge and be done with it. The starter just laughed, offed me some encouragement like – you’ll be right - and counted me down – 3,2,1 go and as you would expect my first race reflected my conflicted mindset – so it wasn’t a great result!

Through perseverance, turning to my network of expert coaches and mentors and by figuring out the last few pieces of the Extraordinary Results puzzle buy the end of my masters ski racing career I was winning some pretty big races.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes when you stand in the start gate – totally aligned for success – where every fiber in your body and mind is focused on the job – in my case it was - skiing faster through the racecourse than I ever had before.

And so (good on you for reading this far!) and this is why I created the Extraordinary Results program so you can have the opportunity to align yourself for success so every part of your body and mind is focused on bringing you the level of success you are looking for.

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